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Groundy’s: Your Friendly Neighborhood Tree Removal Service

We are a local tree service company based in chandler, Brisbane. We have a range of equipment from wood chippers to stump grinders to a 13 metre cherry picker to help with climbing up trees if required to assist in making some jobs quicker and safer.


Mark and I are the owners of Groundys Tree Service. We tend to all the jobs ourselves whether large or small as it is important to us that we work hard to give you and your yard the respect that you would expect from professional contractors. We pride ourselves achieving the very best results and always guarantee a great clean up

Groundy’s: Your Friendly Neighborhood Tree Service

Groundy’s provides a free quote service to its customers on all 7 days of the week. Once you fill the quote form, you will be contacted by Matt or Mark, who will provide a comprehensive and detailed quote for carrying out the tree removal job at your property.

Between Matt and Mark, we have 25 years experience and we are backed by a $20 million public liability insurance policy. With us on your side, you are always guaranteed fast friendly service with a smile, we will always be there to carry out the task required from start to finish.

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Features of Groundy’s Tree Service


Affordable Prices

We charge fair and affordable prices to keep inline with our competitors as well as offering a pensioner discount to assist the elderly.

We, Matt and Mark quote and complete each job efficiently and safely to guarantee that clients don’t pay for more hours than what is required to complete the work. We provide a personal service that only business owners on the ground can give.


Experienced Workforce

We have been working in and around Brisbane south side for over 25 yrs, offering tree and garden maintenance solutions to a wide range of trees and shrubs. We are vary familiar with the trees in our area from growing habits and things to look out for in specific variety of trees.

We ourselves live locally in the area and own properties ourselves where we work with local government and other land management
conservation groups to manage small parcels of native, this enables us to keep up to date with local needs and requirements for a sustainable future living side by side with our sometimes delicate ecosystem of plants and wildlife.


A Wide Variety of Services

We at Groundys understand that every job is different. So we have equipped ourselves with the machinery to handle a small hedge prune to a large gum removal. We have large and small wood chippers and stump grinders to handle all aspects of tree and garden
maintenance and we recycle all of our mulch because we’re top blokes.

Some of our most requested jobs to do with trees palms and stumps are removal and cleaning of palms, lopping, pruning, removal of trees and shrubs for a wide range of reasons: powerlines, gutters, grown to big for existing environments, overhanging fen-clines and
removal of all our work is done with best
intentions of giving you the perfect result whilst considering future costs of maintenance which is all discussed with you when we give you a free quote

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About Us

We, Matt and Mark, the owners of Groundys tree services live locally in the Brisbane south side. We are always willing to call past to asses the situation and offer practical solutions to make your tree problem to no problem whilst advising you on ways to keep future maintenance costs down your family tree care needs are our priority.

Look at Groundy’s tree services offered
  • Tree removal
  • Stump grinding
  • Tree lopping
  • Tree pruning
  • Tree maintenance
  • Palm tree removal
  • Palm tree cleaning
  • Cert 3 Type Arborist
  • Tight access tree removals
  • Storm damage clean-ups
  • Dangerous and difficult tree removals
  • Fence line tree/hedge trimming
  • Dead/hazardous limb removal
  • Qualified tree climber available
  • Cherry Picker service
  • Spotter/Catcher Available

These are just a sample of the wide range of services provided by Groundy’s to its customers in Brisbane. We understand that the
problem in your property can be unique, requiring a custom solution. Rest assured that with a wealth of experience in tree removal and maintenance, we will handle the situation in your property with full
confidence and to your full satisfaction.

If you are living in Southside Brisbane or Redlands, you can expect quick and efficient tree removal services form Groundy’s.

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